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 637,6 km²


 9189 (2011)

 7978 (2019)




 Dagnis Straubergs 


Salacgriva municipality coat of arms
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Salacgriva municipality flag
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Salacgriva municipality logo
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Information about Salacgriva municipality for tourists

Weather in Salacgriva


Salacgriva is beautiful in all seasons…

Since June the 6th 2009, on municipal elections, Ainazu, Liepupes Salacgrivas local governments got together in one Salacgriva municipality. They all have fishing traditions, the life vein Via Baltica, and a rich cultural life, this is the place where live and work smart, industrious and brave people. River, sea, freshly winds and the people are the ones that lead us to work. In our ports vessels are entering and leaving, urban and rural life is active and people are developing business. Car currents flowing through our county, to stop and view the sea, ships calling at the port and enjoy the life around us and also a little further.

… “We are proud of our region, where celebration and life is for both, urban and rural residents. Today it is very important to have a common county and to see all the public benefit and development goals. This time, more than ever takes us in globalization processes, creating both - new opportunities and challenges. And now perhaps the most important thing is not to get confused and lose the characteristics that is only in our municipality by the various winds that trying to make the world equal. More important than ever in these times we can’t lose the common goals of the unity, which have managed people before us and to this day,…”

… “We invite you to view Salacgrivas municipality - the city with its own special charm, to see and enjoy the Latvia northern harsh environment, to experience an endless flow of the river, wind in the pine tops and the sea with a unique sunsets,…”

… “We always look forward to welcome new guests. For where else, if not here in Salacgrivas municipality – you can enjoy peaceful walks along the sea, rest in one of our hotels or guest houses, where you can relax and restore your energy to a new journey. Where else if not in Salacgriva you can see the one only lamprey fishing, like nothing else in Europe in and the world, dance until the morning at ball in the Sea Festival, enjoy world-class music, at Positivus and Classical music festival.”


Dagnis Straubergs – The Chairman of Salacgriva Municipality Council

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Salacgrīva municipality council

Smilšu street 9, Salacgrīva

Salacgrīva municipality, LV - 4033

Reg. Nr. 90000059796

PVN Reg. Nr. LV90000059796

phone - 64071973, fax - 64071993

e-mail: dome@salacgriva.lv

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