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Leisure activities and Sport

18.02.2011 14:16

The annual marathon race "Three bridges" is a very popular race for the local inhabitants. The race is often held at the end of September and this year it will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The distance of the race is 6.5 km. Aivars Stafeckis holds the record in this track (23.04min). Endija Rezgale holds the best record in the woman competion (24.49min). The founder of the race is Pēteris Dārziņš.

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The Fishermen's Park is a sports and recreation complex. Sports ground, tent sites, sauna, open air exhibition, football field, tennis court, stadium and more. This is also where the Positivus festival and the Sea festival takes place.

Salacgriva, Sport street 2, Phone: +37164041553, +37126407133

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Salacgrīva municipality council

Smilšu street 9, Salacgrīva

Salacgrīva municipality, LV - 4033

Reg. Nr. 90000059796

PVN Reg. Nr. LV90000059796

phone - 64071973, fax - 64071993

e-mail: dome@salacgriva.lv

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