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The most famous event is the Positivus festival, it is an annual music festival in Salacgrīva, that was first held in 2007. It is organised by Positivus Music (http://www.positivus.com/).

Positivus festival 2011 will be held on 15th and 16th of July, 2011.

more info about the event: http://www.positivusabfestival.com/


Salacgriva is also known by its annual Sea festival, it is a traditional fisherman’s festival which is held every July. The Sea festival – festivity with sporting competitions, basketball, volleyball, craftsmen market, concert and other entertainment during the day. In the evening – concert and ball is from dusk till dawn.

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Traditional North Livonian festival is held in august on the historical Livonian territory in the city of Ainazi. There are many activities from introduction of Livonian cultural traditions to teaching of modern handicraft skills. The festival main event is the concert at the evening.

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Lamprey festivity is held in autumn. On this day the hosts open their doors and kindly host and the guests can  take a part and expierience the variety of ways how you can prepare lampreys so that they are delicious. This year it will take action on October 8th. Salacgriva Lamprey Weir. Lamprey is a very tasty fish but some people don’t like it because it looks like a snake to them and they don’t feel like eating snakes is the most appropriate thing to do. But when prepared correctly it is really tasty and is liked very much by gourmets or any other person loving good food. In the world lamprey fishing is not a very widespread activity. But what you can see here in Salacgriva, you are not able to see anywhere else in the world. Here they are using lamprey weir to catch the fish - it’s the only place in the world where they are still using this unique fishing method - a tradition with hundreds of years of history.The lamprey weir is made of spruce wood and without one nail - like they were made in the old days. Lamprey fishing season is from August till February. This is the time when you can visit the place, taste the lamprey and enjoy the calmness of one of the most beautiful Latvian rivers - Salaca. You must book the tour before but since it can be booked only by telephone and using Latvian or Russian Language, visit our About Latvia page and ask us to plan your visit there.



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