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Salacgriva Municipality in 3 Days.

Salacgrīva Municipality is located in the territory of Ziemeļvidzeme (Northern Vidzeme) Biosphere, and therefore features highly versatile and differing natural landscapes. With their sandstone outcrops, the landscapes of the Salaca attract many water tourists, whereas the Randu Meadows is a place favoured by observers of birds. For this reason, we invite you to see, feel, and enjoy the beautiful nature of Northern Vidzeme, the towns with their special charm, the endless flow of the rivers, the wind in the pine-tops, and the sea with the ever inimitable sunsets.

Time: all year round
Distance from Riga: 55-110 km
Stopovers: Dunte, Jelgavkrasti, Salacgrīva, Ainaži.
Distance: 90 km
Approximate duration: 3 days
Type of transport: motorised vehicle, bicycle

Description of the 3 day Trips

More info: Salacgriva Tourism information centre

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Salacgrīva municipality council

Smilšu street 9, Salacgrīva

Salacgrīva municipality, LV - 4033

Reg. Nr. 90000059796

PVN Reg. Nr. LV90000059796

phone - 64071973, fax - 64071993

e-mail: dome@salacgriva.lv

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