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Come, enjoy the coastal charm of Salacgriva municipality!

30.03.2016 07:51

You will not find the rush of large cities here – with great pride in every word the locals will confirm that Salacgrīva is probably the greenest municipality in Latvia. We know well what our treasures are, especially one of them – celebrations. If you are ready, we will show our festivals to YOU!
- February 6th, XI International traditional carnival mask festival in Salacgriva
- May 19th – 21st, Rafters festivity in Salacgriva
- May 21st – First Herring-Eater festival of Salacgrīva
- June 3rd – 5th X Festival of acoustic music „Silver gull” in Liepupe

- June 18th - the 90th anniversary of Ainaži town
- July 9th - The Sea festival in Salacgriva
- July 15th – 17th the largest music and art festival in the Baltics– Positivus festival in Salacgriva
- July 29th – August 7th - VII International Salacgriva classical music festival
- August 7th – Salacgriva town festival
- August 20th – North Livonian festival in Ainaži

- September 17th sports competition –Three Bridges RUN in Salacgriva
- October 8th – Lamprey festival
- October 11th – XII Vidzeme patriotic poetry festival in Salacgriva

Come, enjoy the coastal charm of Salacgriva municipality
www.salacgriva.lv , www.visitsalacgriva.lv 


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Salacgrīva municipality council

Smilšu street 9, Salacgrīva

Salacgrīva municipality, LV - 4033

Reg. Nr. 90000059796

PVN Reg. Nr. LV90000059796

phone - 64071973, fax - 64071993

e-mail: dome@salacgriva.lv

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